Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Smaller differences = bigger chances

The main goal of this activity is to provide important, practical advice and information to the target groups in order to support their inclusion in the majority part of society.

The activity includes the following 2 types of events:

- I want to live so that I have a future
- various types of preventive lectures and discussions with experts - protection of children and youth from bullying, various types of addictions
(Community center, elementary school, Moldava Multifunctional center, BAFF SA)

- Events for children and their parents
- they will help young parents alleviate problems related to parenting and at the same time support the level of communication between schools/kindergartens and parents.
- church-spiritual events and prayer days
The guarantor of the activity is the Community Center in Moldava nad Bodvou and the United Church School.